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RC1 of NPS 5.2 and PM 3

The RC1 of NPS 5.2 and PM 3 has been released.
Following features have been added to NPS 5.2:

  • Templates:
    More npsobj-tags.
    if/else/switch-structures are possible.
    Lists can be sorted by several attributes, not only one.
    "Jump" to any context-path in NPS.
    Define and modify variables.
    Template Debugger.
    No need fo relativ pathes anymore -> preview supports absolut pathes
  • SES:
    You are now able to search on the Lifeserver in the EXPORTED Documents. Before, it has been only been possible to search in the contents of NPS without considering the templates. For me the SES is now a real Search-Engine.
  • TP:
    The TP (Template Engine) has been renamed to CDC (Content Delivery Cartridge). Now CDC's can export objects parallel. Thats important for sites under heavy load. Also important for those sites is the "Instant switch" of old documents to new documents with the help of CDC. Also some performance improvements have ben made and some other changes.
  • Some technical stories:
    DB2 is being supported
    Exportcharset and charset for the external editor can be choosen.
    JSP's in preview.
    CustomCommands support HTML-Output -> interactiv usage of CustomCommands possible

Following features have been added to PM 3:

  • Based on J2EE (complete new product)
  • Users are stored in a LDAP-Directory
  • Portlet-Support. Portlets are java-programs, which can be included in NPS-Templates

You can find a detailled overview of the new features in the "Release Notes" - PDF of Infopark, which you can find in the download section. Unfortunately its written in german and a english version is not available. Maybe this will change, when the RC2 comes out, which will apprixamtely be next week.