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NPS - Hints, Tricks and Downloads

This section of the site is kept in english, so all our non-german friends will be able to read and benefit from the useful infos presented here.

What's this section about? Well i want to share my NPS-knowledge and experience with others. I hope i can offer you some valuable information about NPS and everything thats related to it.

What is NPS? In short it's an Content-Management-System to easily maintain a website without knowledge of HTML or similair. Now the version 5.22 is the latest one.


  • February 2003:
    Version 5.22 has been released of NPS.
  • 03.11.2002
    A site named has been created for the nps-community. It covers everything a nps-user could interest. This site is professionally made and i hope that it is going to be the central meeting point for all the nps-users. But nevertheless i will still maintain the nps-section here at my site and build up something like a Know-How-Base.
  • 24.10.2002
    RC2 of NPS 5.2 has been released last week. Every to me known bug has been eliminated. A RC of the PM, quite buggy, has been included in the linux-Tarball of the RC2.
  • 04.10.2002
    RC1 of NPS 5.2 has been released on 16.10.2002. It offers major improvements in several parts of CM,TP and SES. Also the RC1 of PM3 has been released.
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