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Downloads for libNPS

download text libNPS.tcl
tcl-library for NPS - Version 1.2
51772 Bytes

Downloads for tdom

download generic tDOM-0.7.4.tar.gz
sourcecode of tDOM 0.74
516985 Bytes
download generic header-tcl-8.3.0.tar.gz
header-files of tcl 8.3.0
740820 Bytes
download generic tdom-0.7.4-fixed_linux_bin.tar.gz
tDOM-binaries for intel-linux including HTML-fix
161230 Bytes
download generic tdom-0.7.4-fixed_solaris_bin.tar.gz
tDOM-binaries for sparc-solaris including HTML-fix
162845 Bytes
download text domhtml_modified.c
modified C-file of tDOM 0.7.4
49605 Bytes
download text xmlsimple_modified.c
modified C-file of tDOM 0.7.4
44194 Bytes

Miscellaneous downloads

download PDF NPS520ReleaseNotes-de.pdf
NPS 5.2 Release Notes (german)
226649 Bytes